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(6:55) Closing thought of the hour. Other than predicted wins in the West, it sure seems like John McCain would have been better off running for the presidency of the Confederacy. Is the real Karl Rove legacy turning the Republican Party into the Dixiecrats?

(6:47) Virginia is closing for Obama, but is it fast enough? 51.5-47.4 for McCain right now, with 50% in.

(6:44) Funny stuff. Former Republican Senator and current ass Rick Santorum had his vote in Pennsylvania challenged today, because he lives in Virginia. It looks like it might have been a better idea to vote in Virginia, anyway.

(6:38) Fox concedes that Pennsylvania is going for Obama. CNN does the same.

(6:32) I like what I am seeing in Virginia. I think the state is likely to slowly turn towards Obama, based on the precints to come in and the way 2006 played out. With 46% of the vote in, the gap is closing. McCain is ahead 52-46.

(6:30) CBS is also projecting Pennsylvania for Obama. Hard to imagine that having Sarah Palin spend that much time there didn’t pay off.

(6:26) Obama is leading Kerry among white voters in North Carolina, compared to 2004, and won 30% of white voters who said race was a factor.

(6:20) Goodbye, John Sununu. MSNBC and ABC are calling the NH race for Jeanne Shaheen.

(6:14) Bill Kristol is wondering why the Republicans have faced such enormous losses in two elections. Someone would probably hold up a mirror to his face if anyone believed that Kristol would appear in one.

(6:12) Fox News is calling the North Carolina Senate race for Kay Hagan. That is sweet, sweet news. I can’t think of a better way to deal with Jesse Helms’ old seat.

Indiana looms large. If Obama can deliver votes in the strong Democratic counties and actually win this state, it’s hard to see how McCain can survive.

Pennsylvania is called for Obama! MSNBC is calling it for Obama, which is huge. It’s an especially important sign given how early they are calling it. The margins in the polls must be significant. Now it’s time to see if the other networks will follow. CNN says that they will not call the state, but concedes the exit polls are strong for Obama.

And ABC follows, calling Pennsylvania for Obama.

Virginia doesn’t seem to be closing, but if the reporting patterns are like they were in the 2006 Senate race, we’re still in this thing. It was a slow, steady gain for Jim Webb, then, and hopefully we can look forward to the same thing for Obama tonight.

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