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What a wasted opportunity…


I am no campaign strategist but I would assume that an appearance on a major late night television show would be a wonderful opportunity to make fun of yourself, showing a sense of humor to the wider electorate (especially younger voters) that you can’t show on the campaign trail.

Saturday Night Life has had some life breathed into it this season with Tina Fey’s spot-on depiction of Governor Palin. Palin appeared on the show last night twice and shockingly, the entire context of her appearance is that she couldn’t lower herself to actually do a skit.

The opening featured Fey at a mock press conference and Palin looking on saying she couldn’t do that script…

Then Weekend Update featured Amy Pohler Palin rap and Palin looking on saying she couldn’t do that script…

What is the point? Palin can say whatever inflamitory tripe she wants on the trail and can’t mock herself a bit on a comedy show? What a wasted opportunity…

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