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Shame on the Montana Democratic Party

While the piece by Tom Lutey seems to overlook some of the actions of the Republican Party in this election season, shame on the Montana Democratic Party for using sleazy push polls and phone calls to try to win legislative races.

It’s not only offensive; it will probably backfire. There are plenty of real issues to attack Republicans on this year. Focusing on whether or not Taylor Brown hired a bigamist (Dave Berg) or whether or not Jack Sands has defended his (unpopular) clients is an embarrassing distraction, and the Democratic Party should behave better than that.

Leave that kind of campaigning to the opposition, please.

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  • well said. and obama gained the support of prominent republican Colin Powell today for acting much better than the republicans. colin stated his support was because he disagreed with the tactics of the Mccain campaign. we need to make sure that democrats do not go down the sleazy road. like you say pogie there are plenty of issues out there to discuss that are more important than personal sleaze. let’s leave the republican party all alone in its filthy pig-sty. we don’t need to join them to win votes.

  • I agree with the Bear, 100 percent. Personally, I politely decline to respond to any and all pollsters. And I hate robocalls so much I just hang on the line to run the recording out to save someone else from the agony. Still, some machine keeps calling me to tell me my warranty’s about to run out on my 12- and 15-year-old cars.

  • my son worked for grassroots for obama in missoula and never got paid. he worked long and hard and now they will not pay him or return his phone calls. shame on them. jobs are scarce in mt. and he was counting on that paycheck. i live in va. and am mad as hell about this. he took alot of abuse from republicans while working but stood his ground for someone he believed in. how can they get away with doing this?

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