Why hello again!


So I’m back posting, and my nom de plum is a bit more fitting now that I am actually in Poland (well, right now I’m in Vilnius, but studying in Krakow.) And I must say that the vibe in Europe regarding the information is very interesting. A few observations:

1. Voting overseas is exceptionally easy if you do it directly. I just emailed the county clerk with a request for a ballot and I’m going to be able to vote by fax from Poland. So not even laziness and distance are excuses for not voting!
2. Most Europeans seem more or less ambivalent about both McCain and Obama, but seeth with a passionate hatred of Palin.
3. The former doesn’t apply to Brits, who are very angry about what they see as a falloff of US efforts in Afghanistan, which is the one war they really want to win right now. Also, they are still mad about the Falkland Islands.

Have no fear (or maybe, do…), I’ll be back with more later!

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