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Denny Rehberg: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up


I know; I am on another one of my one man crusades against Denny Rehberg, but when he acts like he does, it’s hard not to point out the hypocrisy.

Remember, Representative Rehberg, who bitterly criticized Congress for not taking up the work of the people in August. You know, the guy who said this:

“If you were to go out and ask the general public in Montana today should Congress be on a five-week vacation or should they be in Congress trying to solve the energy crisis, they would tell you overwhelmingly that they want us in Washington solving this issue.”

After his sixteen minutes in Washington, how is Representative Rehberg working for the people of Montana? Like this:

The Montana Petroleum Association will hold its Annual Meeting in Billings Aug. 26-27.

US Congressman Dennis Rehberg will be the speaker at a barbecue dinner at the Pryor Creek Golf Club, following an afternoon of golf on Tuesday, August 26.

A barbecue AND a round of golf? That’s a lot of work for one day.

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