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Roy Brown: The Best the GOP Has to Offer?

This campaign is just more pathetic by the day. In the latest State Bureau story about Governor Schweitzer’s record, Brown demonstrates once again how absolutely unready he is to govern. Why not?

How about this?

Finally, Brown has said, if elected, he will propose creating a commission of a dozen or so private auditors, accountants and legislators to scrutinize the state budget for waste and duplication. They would determine which programs work and which don’t to create a more efficient state government.
Schweitzer said he proposed a very similar idea in 2005, but all 50 Republicans, including Brown, opposed it.
Brown said he opposed the bill because it called for Schweitzer’s lieutenant governor, John Bohlinger, a former Republican legislator, to head the anti-waste council.
“Bohlinger said publicly that he has never found any waste in government,” Brown said, adding that he’d seen it in a news story.
However, neither Brown’s campaign nor the IR State Bureau was able to find such a clipping.

Let’s see if I understand Roy’s position. He supports the idea of auditing state government, but voted against it because he imagined reading something in the newspaper that wasn’t really there?

How about this?

Schweitzer returned fire against Brown, saying: “He says we should spend less, but for the last seven months he has not been able to come up with a single place he would cut — not one, not one program, not one dollar.”

If your central claim to the governor’s office was the idea that you would cut spending, wouldn’t you think it might be a good idea to come up with some spending to cut? Check out Brown’s web site—nothing there indicates anything specific he would cut. The budget’s public information, Senator Brown; hell, you voted on it. One would think someone running for governor could at least tell us what he will do in office.

Roy Brown: Not Ready to Lead. He might not even be ready to follow.

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