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Taking responsibility: Iraqi Refugees

As expected, the process of resettling Iraqi refugees into the US is proceeding at a painfully slow rate. Our inability to process these refugees of our creation raises severe ethical and foreign policy issues.

Consider that hundreds of thousands of the two million refugees fleeing Iraq have gone to Syria and Jordan, what is our responsibility towards these nations? We’ve swamped third party nations, who were entirely uninvolved, with refugees of our creation. Do we rely on the hospitality of these nations to accommodate these refugees, and do we have an obligation to assist them in so doing?

On a more practical level, what sort of situation have we created for ourselves? Ignored in the wake of the ‘successful surge’ is that 4 million Iraqis have left their homes, about half as refugees and the other half as internally displaces persons. Certainly some of them have returned or can return safely home with the recent stability in Iraq, but it is also likely that much of that peace has been the result of Iraqis leaving mixed neighborhoods where they aren’t welcome. Can Iraq’s tense social fabric tolerate the eventual re-entry of 2 million people who for whatever reason didn’t feel they belonged before?

And how are the thousands of refugees in Syria and Iran, nations the US has had rocky relationships with at best, going to feel about the US in the future? Children growing up in anti-American nations while hiding from American-caused chaos will not likely grow up with positive feelings towards Uncle Sam. More immediately, how wide is the Iraqi government’s margin of support, and to what extent has it been bolstered by the exit of over a million voters (perhaps many refugees would support the current government, but that seems unlikely).

Why bring this up now? Well, for one we should take better care of these people, either by letting them come to the US or helping closer countries take care of them. Secondly, Iran has twice as many people as Iraq, and if we produced several million refugees there, they would have close to nowhere to go given that we would surely seal off Iraq and Afghanistan, two of its largest borders. If the goal of the war in Iraq is stability in the Muslim world, creating any more refugees in the area would probably overwhelm what stable countries are left so thoroughly as to make the entire project impossible for years to come.

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  • It’s frustrating to be so cynical all the time, but it’s George Bush’s version of war, right? It’s like a giant movie to him, without any real consequences.

    How the administration can fail to see the danger of huge numbers of refugees is mind-boggling.

  • Last year, while at Evergreen, a dozen students (including myself) created the Iraqi Student Solidarity Committee with the goal of creating tuition wavers for Iraqi student refugees to attend Evergreen.

    After a long up hill battle against the administration, we succeeded. Next year one Iraqi student refugee will be attending Evergreen. The ground work is being laid to bring another three of more by 2010. Evergreen State College is the first college in the country to successfully get this done and it was a community effort – hopefully more institutions of education will follow.

    At one of our local fundraisers (the ISSC is responsible for paying travel, lodging, visa, etc. expenses – the college is only waving the cost of tuition), I experienced an incredibly powerful moment of an Iraq War Veteran speaking on behalf of Veterans Against the War in support of the ISSC’s efforts and then pledging $100 of his own money.

    The university system in Iraq has been completely destroyed.

    If you have any interest in learning more about our organization (less than a year old) please visit our website:

    To donate to the ISSC (we obviously don’t take a dime, it all goes into an account to pay for the current applicant to get to the US and stay during her term as a student and to bring more displaced students from Iraq so they can continue they education) visit

  • bush, cheney, rumsfeld and friends invaded Iraq for the express purpose of controlling Iraq’s enormous oil fields. Bush’s friends the Saudis have benefited the most since the war has limited worldwide supply thereby driving up prices for them and increasing profits for all their friends in big oil.
    of course bush does not want refugees. he wants more money for his friends. refugees are not profitable.

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