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Roy Brown’s Latest Winning Strategy

It’s a strange day in politics when a candidate attacks his opponent for generating a $400 million dollar state surplus.One has to wonder what Roy Brown was thinking when he decided to attack Governor Schweitzer for, uh, doing a great job with the state’s finances. Tomorrow, I imagine he will make an attack because the state put out some forest fires and educated children well.

I’m not sure that it’s exactly wise politics to both sound like a petulant child and remind the voters how sensibly Governor Schweitzer has overseen the budget. I know I’d certainly rather have a Governor with common sense running the state’s finances that return to the boom and bust mentality of Republican governors. As Schweitzer told the press:

“My experience in Montana, going all the way back to my grandfather’s days, is there’s about three bad years for every good year in Montana,” he said, adding that the state has seen three or four good years. “So it never hurts to have a little extra grain in the bin.

“It’s the same kind of philosophy,” he added. “There will be some tough years in the future, and I don’t know if it’s happening sooner or later.

Sounds like pretty sensible leadership to me. If this is all Roy Brown has in the well, it’s going to be a long three months for him.

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