Why Does John McCain Hate America?

I mean, really.


Would a real patriot stand by while Rudy Giuliani’s wife shows such blatant disrespect for the national anthem and our nation’s flag?

Not one American flag pin to be seen in this picture anywhere. Not one.





On a less Malkinish note, I can’t tell who would excite me more as a McCain running mate, Rudy Giuliani or Boby Jindal. I think the exorcist wins.

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  • A post like this isn’t about facts and nuance, Mister. 🙂

    Given that it is a Yankees hat, I don’t think there can be much disagreement. There’s no excuse for ever wearing one.

  • really, guys?

    remember back when women were supposed to cover their hair? it wasn’t so long ago. even in the ’50s american women usually wore kerchiefs if they were married.

    when you walk into an orthodox church, women are REQUIRED to cover their hair, and men are REQUIRED to take off any hat. i experienced this in ukraine.
    so i say bah to both of you.

  • Man, I need to do a better job of making fun of the ridiculous nonsense that seems to drive American politics.

    Like the New Yorker, I fail at satire. 🙂

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