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A Republican Kind of Candidate for OPI

Since the right wing blogs are heralding Ellie Sollie Herman’s web site in her quixotic bid to be elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, I thought I’d take a peek as well. While there will no doubt be more thorough comparisons between Herman and Juneau from this site in the future, a few points jump out looking at the site today.

1. Mrs. Herman should probably give up that damn raffle.

It’s far from clear that Mrs. Herman is following the law with her El Camino raffle. It is, however, clear that she should consider alternative avenues to fund her campaign. Maybe she could freelance as a proofreader.

2. Mrs. Herman has an interesting relationship with the English language.

As a teacher who writes in the short-term world of blogs, I can understand the occasional typo or grammatical error on a public posting. They’re embarrassing, but happen. If, however, I decided to run for the statewide office in charge of education, I might spend a bit more time proofreading than Mrs. Heman apparently has. Maybe it’s nitpicking, but I’d like the next person who leads our schools to care enough about the writing process to spend a bit of time on it. After all, do we want someone who writes like this in charge of teachers and students?

There are three things I do before making any decision: (a) I make sure I know the facts and if it is the truth I am basing my decision on (b) I investigate the need (c) and most important, will it benefit the children? If it passes all those criteria’s I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.

At a minimum, Mrs. Herman ought to decide if she prefers overall, over-all, or over all.

3. Mrs. Herman doesn’t have a great deal of respect for the truth.

I’m sure that claiming the “MEA reported spending nearly $300,000.00 to get the democrat State Superintendent elected” plays well with the base, but it’s simply not true. It would be helpful if Mrs. Herman would campaign on issues that matter to Montana students and parents, rather than engaging in cheap political attacks that don’t even have the merit of being true.

4. Mrs. Herman sure doesn’t have many specific proposals.

Other than some vague (and moderately creepy) promises to intervene in the custody battle between parents and school districts, a  call for saying the Pledge every day, and an even more vague pledge to spend money better, it’s entirely unclear what Mrs. Herman intends to do as Superintendent. It’s clear that she despises Democrats; I hardly think that is reason enough to elect her.

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  • Too bad you cant’d copy , spell, or read. The jokes on you. Her name is Elaine NOT Ellie. How does your foot taste? The web stie was copied by democrats before it was finished being made public and proof read. It’s called DIRTY POLITCS by people who can not compete with honest candidates. The only way angry threatened people such as yourselves can complete is to spin dirty negaive lies on your competitors.
    As far as money declared by MEA/MTFA as spending was OVER $300,000.00. No one ever said it was contributed to the candidate. It is the facts. I know liberals hate facts and turth. THIS campaign election the MEA/MTFA has bought 18 Billboards for their candidate for State Superintendent and that amount will also be reported to political practices as expenditures by MEA/MFTA . MEA/MTFA does NOT spend any of their money electing republicans. You really need to be a little bit more informed before writing on bolgs.

  • “Lisa”–

    Really? The Democrats copied it? I just typed in her name and was taken the site, the one that was conducting an illegal raffle.

    If it wasn’t meant for the public, how did she intend to sell tickets? Why was it available on the web?

    I know you’d like to explain away your candidates deficiencies by blaming Democrats, but that is nonsense.

    You are right, though. I do hate the turth.

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