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Jesse Helms Died…

Jesse Helms – the famous, über-conservative, former US senator from North Carolina – passed away this morning at 86 years of age. Ironic, as it is Independence day and now we’re free from yet another suppressive influence.

[The] Senator whose courtly manner and mossy drawl barely masked a hard-edged conservatism that opposed civil rights, gay rights, foreign aid and modern art… He also introduced amendments to reduce or eliminate funds for foreign aid, welfare programs and the arts… He even used the word “redneck” to describe himself… He fought bitterly against Federal aid for AIDS research and treatment, saying the disease resulted from “unnatural” and “disgusting” homosexual behavior.

Okay, so what exactly did he do? He was a staunch supporter of Both Nixon and Reagan (big whoop), and he was opposed to the “liberal bias” in the media at the time, except for there wasn’t one. Clearly, his time had come. Rest in peace in the globe’s warming; I hope no homosexuals or Black Americans were pallbearers.

(i know – i am going straight to hell).

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i'm from helena, montana. i now go to school at the university of montana and i study russian language as well as arabic language and southwest (middle east) and central asia.


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  • Before reading national posts about Helms, I didnt realize he was Gandhi, Jesus and St. Francis all rolled into one great, patriotic American. Some of the posts were hilarious..”prove he was racist, prove he was sexist, etc.”

    Even the national press has a short memory, eulogizing him as a great conservative. I think he was just a grumpy old white man from the Deep South who forgot the War between the States was over and he lost.

    I wont forgive him for his threat to destroy arts and music in our country or his racist advertising.”a black guy took your job, white guy!” Funny but, before civil rights, Helms would have been a deep south Democrat. I see nothing honorable about a guy who wont see two points of view.

  • I’m more than surprised with the media “coverage” of his death. Now, I believe that all people deserve courtesy after their death, but not reverence. The media is celebrating a life of great civil service – Helm’s life was anything but.

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