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Dennis Rehberg on Gas Prices: Choosing Speculators Over Consumers


It’s always been abundantly clear that Dennis Rehberg is more interested in those who make millions than those who struggle to make ends meet. While you and I are struggling with gas prices that seem to have no ceiling, Representative Rehberg says we shouldn’t tinker with a “free market” that has brought us to such a pass:

I never question people’s desire or motives of getting in and making a buck. And having been in the cattle business and having to deal in commodity futures, in my case I was never a speculator, I was a hedger, you always worry and wonder what’s going on on the other side.

This is precisely the danger of modern American conservative “principles.” It would be a consistent, if foolish, position to defend the idea of free markets, and conservatives like Rehberg fall back on this rhetoric when they are asked to rein in corporations. The problem is that adherence to free markets seems to end there for Rehberg. He doesn’t question the government’s interference when it means providing subsidies to oil companies, huge agricultural interests, and big donors.

In a sense, Rehberg is right. He is defending a certain kind of freedom, one in which corporate interests are free to take from the public coffers and free from scrutiny and oversight.

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