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Can Obama Win Montana? Yes He Can!


Rasmussen has him currently winning the state, 48-43, over McCain. It’s within the margin of error, but that’s an enormous shift. I’d say the resurgence of the Democratic Party in the state, led by people like Governor Schweitzer and Senator Tester, the feckless Bush Administration’s eight year legacy, and the ideological extremism of the Montana GOP all have done their share to change the environment here.

It’s all the more unfortunate that we don’t have a campaigning candidate for the U.S. House this year, or Rehberg might well have been in real trouble.

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  • it may have helped that he visited like, 4 times… and he’ll be in butte tomorrow to see those spectacular fireworks.

    i find it interesting that the candidates are going for states that were historically against them – like obama and the mid-west and mccain with the urban areas. however, i don’t think it likely (or at least i hope not) that mccain would get a huge lot of the votes in california, oregon and washington and i am surprised that he is even attempting to do that. i actually laughed out loud when i heard him do that. but if montana can change to blue, then it is just as possible for another state to morph to red.

  • Not to split hairs or be too overly optimistic (heck, what’s wrong with that?), but I don’t think it’s as probable for a “state to morph to red.” 2006 illustrated America’s disillusion with the Repos and 8 years of Bush policy and rule has severely hurt the GOP.

  • Isnt it crazy that Balyat and Brown think the GOP is in trouble because it is not ‘conservative enough.’ Maybe thats why Obama has a chance. Moderate Republicans are tired of being purged by radicals in the party that used to be theirs. I was a young Republican until radicals under Goldwater told us we just were too liberal…limousine Rockefeller Republicans and they didnt need us to win. Beat it, they said. So here I am, decades as a Democratic activist. Bite me, Joe Balyat, you Cuban refugee. And Brown, yeah, just what we need, an oil company lobbyist low life as governor.

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