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Republicans: Elections Don’t Matter, Part 3?

Continuing their strong support for the democratic process, three Montana Republicans defeated in the primary plan to run as write-in candidates to regain their seats in the Legislature:

Lambert was joined at a Capitol news conference by Reps. John Ward of Helena and Bruce Malcolm of Emigrant.

Each of them lost a primary challenge to a fellow Republican in this month’s primary election, and said they’ll now run as write-in candidates in the general election.

I’m certainly not going to defend the tactics of the Koopman Kookies who attacked these “socialist legislators”, but one has to wonder what in the hell is going on in the Montana Republican party. You’ve got two defeated U.S. Senate candidates trying to extend the clock , and now three legislators have joined them. One only hopes that party chairman Erik Iverson is doing a better job as Dennis Rehberg’s chief of staff than he is as the head of the MT GOP.

Your Montana GOP? Voting: a flaw in the democratic system.

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  • You know, I think this is a smart move. The mailers the Koopman-ites sent out were low class. Incredibly low class. Sabotaging their general election bids will be a good lesson against playing dirty politics…

  • It’s certainly a good move for the Democrats, who have a much better chance of picking up a seat in Lewis and Clark Co.

    I don’t disagree that the mailers were incredibly sleazy, but there was a primary election to deal with that. It’s an interesting phenomenon to see people who lose elections refusing to acknowledge their defeats.

    I blame Joe Lieberman.

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