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Quotes to Ponder in Montana Politics

1) Governor Schweitzer might not think much of bloggers:

Schweitzer said his name pops up only on a "very long list." The governor said "nut jobs" on the blogs are keeping his name alive. He said no one from the Obama campaign, or connected to it, has talked to him about the job.

"No one in the adult world is doing this," Schweitzer said.

I’m with Jon Tester on this one: while the governor would make an interesting choice for Vice President, there’s plenty of important work for him to do here in Montana, no matter what he thinks about bloggers. 🙂

2) Elaine Sollie Herman, if not crazy, is terrible at metaphors:

“I believe the school system consists of two partners that make a marriage. One is funding, administration, building and the state and the other is children and parents and taxpayers. They need to be a marriage and work together. I have experience on both sides.”

Maybe she ought to stick to suggesting that teachers shoot students and raffling off her car to fund her campaign.

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  • I think Schweitzer is probably pretty accurate on his blogger/VP statements – no self-delusion here, which is pretty refreshing.

    regarding Elaine’s comments… what?

  • The Good Guv isn’t on my short list for VP. Still. he isn’t playing nice. Besides being “nut jobs” and not “in the adult world,” Schweitzer said that the bloggers advancing his name for VP had “too much time on their hands.” Ouch!

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