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Republican to Challenge Flaw in Democratic System: Voting


Well, at least they’re being honest about it now. Montana Republicans aren’t that fond of voting to decide who winners and losers of political contests are. Patty Lovaas, who got crushed by Bob Kelleher in the Republican Senate primary, is considering joining Mike Lange is his futile bid to run as an Independent, because democracy is broken:

“When the flaws in the democratic system allow this type of misrepresentation to occur, it must be challenged,” she said. “What I’m going to do is see if there is enough constituent interest to say, ‘What happened here was wrong.’ ”

Voting: a flaw in the democratic system. That ought to make a catchy campaign slogan. Here’s a thought for Lovaas and Lange—in addition to concerns about state law, what sense does it make to run against the Baucus Machine and the Kelleher Juggernaut if they couldn’t beat just one of them?

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