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Senator Baucus Shouldn’t Be Subjected to Debates!

I’m not a political expert by any means, but I’m not exactly sure that the most fortunate candidate in the history of the Senate should have his spokesman describe the upcoming campaign like this:

For one thing, said Barrett Kaiser, a Baucus spokesman, there will be no debates.

“Max plans on talking to Montanans across the state and they’ll have ample opportunity to ask him questions,” he said. “But we don’t want to subject him to what will become a circus.”

Dear me, no. How dare citizens “subject” their rulers to debates? If what Kaiser means by “talking to Montanans across the state” what I think he does–endless ads featuring that incredibly creepy voiced guy giving Baucus credit for the sun shining and the rain falling, this $10 million is going take way too long to spend.

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  • Gotta love Rebecca’s subtle commenting style. Right on!

    P.S. Kudos, Pogie on your campaign. You and Neiffer brought good discussion to the contest. And sorry about transposing some of the governor’s race numbers while reporting Missoula results over at 4&20. It was late and I believe beverages were involved.

  • Hey, I can be subtle, Pete. Er…wait…hmmmm…nah. No, you’re right, I can’t.

    Anyway, this story (it ran in the Missoulian this morning, too) shows the sort of superior attitude that’s one of the reasons why I won’t be voting for Max. It’s about time we, his employers, told him how it’s gonna be, not the other way around. These sorts of proclamations from a public servant are infuriating.

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