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Good News for Jim Hunt, But Certainly A Tough Fight Ahead

Dennis Rehberg, despite all of his grandstanding, political opportunism and dishonesty, or perhaps because of them, isn’t terribly popular in Montana these days. According to the latest round of Mason-Dixon polling, Rehberg only enjoys the support of 52% of Montanans, a relatively low number for an incumbent. While there is a large gap between Rehberg and Jim Hunt, Hunt will undoubtedly close the gap as more voters become aware of his campaign and record.

This isn’t meant to suggest that Hunt’s going to have an easy time of it, but Democrats need to commit to this race, and do their part to let their neighbors and friends know that it is time to send someone to Washington who will really represent our interests. In the past few cycles, Democrats have seem demoralized about the idea of defeating Rehberg; with JIm Hunt and strong, local efforts, we can really challenge him.

One final note about the poll. According to the story:

Among those who consider themselves Democrats, 22 percent said they would vote for Rehberg and 48 percent chose Hunt. No Republicans said they would vote for Hunt.

Who in the world are these 22% of Democrats who would vote for Dennis Rehberg? I know we want to have a broad base of support to win elections, but Democrats who support Dennis Rehberg? That’s like Vegetarians for Meat, or Logicians for Bush.

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