Just a Thought: Hillary Could Still Win This Thing

Lately, I can’t even bring myself to read Daily Kos and a few other major liberal blogs, which seem to have become unofficial arms of the Obama campaign in their relentless attacks against Hillary Clinton, who still well could be the Democratic nominee in 2008.

On the front page of Kos today, I am told repeatedly that Clinton can’t win, other than by attracting superdelegates (bad, evil), , and that Florida and Michigan should not be counted (morally pure).

They’re certainly interesting talking points. The first is premised on the idea that, while winning super delegates is precisely how the rules of the game were established, it is somehow morally wrong, deceptive, and under-handed,  an undemocratic affront that will lead to mass defections in the fall. On the other hand, disenfranchising the voters of two critical states is permissible, because the rules demand it.

Throw in a little non-story about a Bosnia trip, and you have the summary of the anti-Hillary campaign.

The thing is, this race is from certain, despite what Obama supporters and The Politico think. (It’s certainly interesting, too, that the Politico is suddenly given credence in Progressive circles, if only for this argument.) While I support Senator Obama, I will enthusiastically support Senator Clinton if she wins the nomination, and damn it, so should the rest of Obama’s supporters, unless we want another four years of the Bush Administration, which is precisely what John McCain will bring.

Or maybe Al Gore will save the day.

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