Hunt Versus Rehberg: Day 1, Support of the Military

Over the next few days, we’re going to offer some comparisons between Dennis Rehberg and Jim Hunt in the race for Congress, beginning with the military.

Representative Rehberg

  • Talks about supporting the military and the importance of national service. Raised goats, rather than serve.
  • Talks about supporting veterans, but the record suggests otherwise. Representative Rehberg received a grade of C from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a 50% rating from the Disabled American Veterans in 2006, and a 0% rating from the DAV in 2005 and 2004.

Candidate Jim Hunt

  • Served for 23 years in the Montana Army National Guard.
  • Will work to increase pay for the military, create a new G.I. Bill for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and demand that we focus on the real war against terrorism, in Afghanistan.

Throughout this election, Dennis Rehberg and his minions are going to talk repeatedly about his experience and practical results in Washington. I welcome that focus. His record on veterans is shameful, and doubly so because he has been an unapologetic supporter of this war.

If you are a conservative voter, does it really sit well to vote for a candidate who will vote to send our troops into combat, but not to support them when they come home?

Rehberg’s record speaks for itself. Don’t let his rhetoric replace that.

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  • I think its odd that the GOP in Montana has already started the negative campaign against Hunt. You think they would focus of the party would be on promoting Rehberg’s record in Washington.

  • Are you going to care about military records when it comes time to vote for the president? McCain served and was a POW. Clinton was being fired for being an unethical lawyer in the Nixon hearings, and Obama was selling drugs.

    We’ll see how much service matters later this year.

  • If a person – such as Jim Hunt is for supporting the illegal invasion post 9/11 then he is just as predisposed to funding the illegal invasion prior to 9/11. Hunt doesn’t deserver a second thought. He’d put us just where we’ve been for the last 7 years.

  • Brilliant insight, Darwin. We should definitely keep electing people like Dennis Rehberg to prevent illegal invasions and to provide a check on Republican abuses of power.


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