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Montana Politics

Pogreba/Neiffer announce their bid for governor…

HELENA, MONT. – Teachers Don Pogreba and Jason Neiffer announced today at an impromptu press conference in a Mexican restaurant in East Helena that they will, indeed, challenge Brian Schweitzer for the Democratic nomination.

“We think the state is going in the right direction,” Neiffer noted over a cold Diet Pepsi, “but we also feel that state needs a choice this spring during the primary.”

Pogreba admitted that both will still vote for Schweitzer and Lt. Governor John Bollinger in the general election, if defeated, since “it will require an earthquake for us to win this election.”

Still unclear is who will head the ticket as they are still scrounging up the $1800 filing fee; “Despite what you read in the media, teachers aren’t rolling in a lot of disposable income so we both would need some support from our base to get this campaign off the ground” Neiffer quietly noted.

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