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Socialists! Run for the Hills!


You’ve got to love the Montana Republican Party. When they’re not ranting and raving at Legislative meetings, taking improper donations from Abramoff clients, or falling drunkenly off horses during trade missions, they are rooting out the specter of Marxist-Leninist thinking in Montana:

One of the Legislature’s most conservative members is trying to recruit challengers to run in certain legislative primaries to purge the Republican Party of what he calls 14 “socialist incumbent Republicans.”

Rep. Roger Koopman, R-Bozeman, said he wants to help oust those Republicans “who have consistently sold out the cause of liberty in the Montana Legislature.” He wants to return the GOP to “its low-tax, limited-government, free-market roots.”

Koopman, known for his deep scientific knowledge, certainly understands politics. How long has taken for the elite, liberal media to expose the shameful Marxism of Dave Lewis and the other Stalinist-Republicans of the Montana Republican Party?

Keep at it, Roger. You, sir, are an inspiration to Commie-hunters everywhere.

P.S. Stay away from city water. I hear fluoride saps our vital fluids.

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