Thoughts Heading Into the Iowa Caucus

Three quick thoughts heading into the voting tomorrow.

1) The difference between the Republican and Democratic campaigns couldn’t be much different, and serve as a warning for the general election. By any standard, the Republicans have been much more divisive and willing to attack each other, whether through direct negative ads or through surrogates like Rush Limbaugh and Faux News. In a lot of ways, Democrats couldn’t ask for a better situation–an already ugly, potentially lengthy dirty fight between the leading (least trailing?) Republicans will expose a lot of dirt while the Democrats run a civil campaign for the nomination.

The lesson? Whoever wins the Democratic nomination better be ready for just as much sleaze and mud slinging as Kerry and Gore saw in the last two campaigns. It’s time to fire up some copies of The War Room and get ready.

2) These caucuses are no way to choose a candidate. Is it any wonder that Erik Iverson is running them in Montana, where they are still thousands of volunteers short?

3) Just when you think Mitt Romney couldn’t be any more vapid, he tops himself. Check out this ad, his closing statement in Iowa:

Yes, he just said “in the next ten years, we’ll see more progress, more change than the world has seen in the last ten centuries.”

You know, I am all for optimism, but more progress in the next ten years since the middle of the Dark Ages? More progress than moving from a 30 year life expectancy to nearly 80 years? More innovation and change than moving from scribes hand copying texts that only a few could read to today’s digital distribution of media? Landing on the Moon? Europe’s colonization of the New World? The invention of disposable cameras?

What’s amazing about Romney is the ease with totally absurd statement escape his mouth, with no hint of irony or awareness. Only the most self-absorbed kind of person could believe that his time and his moment are more important an epoch of human history. I can’t wait for the Republicans to nominate this guy.

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Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
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  • There is something even more absurd here: the statement that we should ignore everything that he and others around him have been up to previously and trust that they will do better in the future. Forget how Republicans have been running this country in the past and take the leap of faith that they will turn it all around in the future. Absurd.

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