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So last night I went and saw “Awake”, starring Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba. It is, like many a Hollywood movie, essentially a tragedy averted at the very end so we can have a happy ending. (the fact that it is averted due to the self-sacrifice of the protaganist’s mother is not a fact the movie dwells on.) The tragic flaw of the young, white, attractive multi-millionaire is what made the movie worth commenting on here. You might think that in this day and age, trusting people poorer than yourself would not be considered a suitable hamartia, but you would be wrong.

You see, this young multi-millionaire heir runs a company who, as far as we can tell, does nothing except provide jobs for people, because that is all the characters in the movie talk about it doing (and congratulating Christensen for continuing to do). He has to go in for a heart transplant, and decides to have the procedure done by his friends, rather than the surgeon his mother hand handpicked for him.
You see, his surgeon friends are conspiring with his wife to kill him on the operating table. Who are they, you may ask? A black man, a foreigner (a British woman we find out is also a ‘slut’) and a goofy-looking doctor, along of course with his wife (ethnicity unclear, but definately from ‘the other side of the tracks’) who used to work with them. In other words, a cross-section of people who are different than the protagonist in every way and who also happen to be the bogeymen of white upper class America. (well except the goofy looking guy; he just stands in contrast to Hayden Christensen)

Other fun conservative points of the movie:
Did I mention that the protagonist (I don’t actually remember his name right now) is also in negotiations (while wearing a heavily-decorated uniform) with a few stereotypical Japanese businessmen; stereotypical because we hear that they have a habit of backstabbing, we know they are hoping his condition gets worse so he’ll die, and there is a rumor they are connected to organized crime;

Why do the doctors need money so badly? Frivolous malpractice suits of course! And we learn that, contrary to actual sudies,

most of these are just because patient’s families can’t accept death.

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