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Maybe It’s Not the Media’s Fault…


I can understand why members of the legislature might want to restrict press coverage of their work, but I can’t understand how that could possibly be good for an informed electorate.

Scott Sales, proponent of open government:

Sales said some legislators from both parties would like to return to closed party caucuses instead of having to open them up to members of the opposite party and reporters.

“It just seems odd to me that the Supreme Court deliberates privately, but the Legislature doesn’t have the same opportunity,” Sales said.

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Look, I’d be embarrassed after the way your party behaved in the last session, too, Scott. Let’s just not punish the voters who provide those caucus chambers, staffers, and resources for the Legislature. You may not want us to see Mike Lange’s tirade or your smirks about it, but that’s the price for your position.

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