Continued Hysteria About Schweitzer’s Fund Raising Letter

While I have to confess that I find the Montana Headlines blog to often much more reasonable in tone than the rest of Montana’s right wing blogs, I was amused to see the amount of time the site devoted today to discussing a perfectly legal fundraising letter sent out by the Schweitzer campaign.

MH writes:

It is one thing to be put on a mailing list, and quite another to have something of that specificity coming from a governor.

Uh…what? Given that the letter was about the Governor’s re-election campaign, it seems somewhat logical. By this logic, I assume that, last year, when I received a mailer from Dennis Rehberg’s office about veteran’s benefits, that I should have assumed a draft notice would shortly follow.

MH writes:

Those who claimed to have personal knowledge of the governor’s strong-arming ways saw the letter as vaguely menacing — “I know where you live, I know you gave to my opponent, and how much.”

I am so tired of the Republicans crying about what a big meany Governor Schweitzer is. One would think, given all the innuendo and vague accusation, something would have stuck by now and they could actually prove these claims. What’s more, it’s pathetic. Conservatives, who desperately try to cultivate an image of their rugged independence, seem awfully weak when they can’t stand up to someone who challenges them. After years of watching Democrats and liberals demonized in this state and across the country, it takes an awfully hypocritical outlook to condemn Schweitzer for standing up for his beliefs, while following the law.

If someone feels threatened by this letter, the issue is with them, not Schweitzer.

Finally, MH rants about the letter’s inclusion of a non-scientific poll touting Schweitzer’s chance of winning the race, immediately following a series of speculative remarks guessing how various recipients of the letter must have felt, ranging from fears of a tax audit to a determined attitude to fight against the Schweitzer machine. No actual names are mentioned, of course, but one should certainly trust MH’s hunches over an admittedly unscientific poll. After all, he’s not biased, but looking out for it.

I hope to read more about Governor Schweitzer’s fundraising in the next few days and weeks. Each mention is just another reminder how little substance the Republicans attacking him have to offer in this race.

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