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When Faux News Attacks…


Fred Thompson, it makes me laugh:

After Fox aired clips of Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer attacking Thompson’s candidacy, Thompson responded, “This has been a constant mantra of Fox, to tell you the truth.” “I don’t know that Fox has been going after you,” host Chris Wallace asserted. Thompson told Wallace, “You have the right to put in your one side, and put in the Fox side (emphasis mine), and I have the right to respond to it.”

This is exactly what needs to happen to Fox News. Conservative politicians love its “fair and balanced perspective” but the channel has never really had to face a wide-open Republican fight for the Presidential nomination. I mean, sure, they helped Karl Rove demonize John McCain, but that election was practically a foregone conclusion rather than a wide open fight like this year.

When even Republicans are calling out Fox for its obvious bias, it has to be good news.

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