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Your Issues Based Montana Republican Party


Let’s say that you can’t find a credible candidate to oppose Senator Baucus. Let’s also imagine that your party’s ideology is bankrupt, and that your state is starting to see that.  What do you do?  You campaign like this, and get those press-release lovin’ folk at the IR State Bureau to print it.

Truthfully, I must say that I did find part of the article enlightening. It was interesting to learn that Denny Rehberg only works 3/12 days a week for the job he is paid $165,200 annually.  That puts Brad Johnson to shame.

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  • Pogie, you might think Rehberg is a slacker, quite frankly so do I, but he scared the britches off Kennedy, right out of the race now didn’t he? Health reason, I don’t think so, I think he had a heart-to-heart with the campaign treasurer and saw the handwriting on the wall so to speak.

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