Brad Johnson: A Born Leader

Brad Johnson, no doubt exhausted from his campaign, uh, official travels around the state, found time empower his spokesman to make this incredibly bold proclamation about voting by mail:

So far, Montana’s secretary of state has remained neutral on the mail balloting question, Greenwood said.
“Brad always says he suspects mail ballots are in the future, but that he has a number of concerns he wants to make sure are addressed,” Greenwood said. “He wants to make sure we have the appropriate level of ballot security, that we don’t rush into too many changes at once and that we have to keep at least some availability of walk-in polling places for people with disabilities and other folks like him that like the old way.”

That, sir, is leadership.

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  • Well, if you don’t take a stand on an issue you have nothing to defend right. Johnson is so open minded his brains have fallen out and poor ol’ Bowen is running around behind him sweeping up the remains and doing his talking for him. Pathetic! You never saw Mike Cooney pulling crap like this now did you? And Johnson honestly believes he is going to be Governor someday, I’ve heard him say it with my own ears….now there’s a scary thought!

  • Well, I think it’s more than obvious why that mental giant we call a Secretary of State is so engaged with his work in his Capitol Office. Have you checked out his schedule lately? This guy is out of state so much he see’s the inside of more hotel rooms than the Gideon Bible. Maybe if he’d stay home and pay attention to the work he was elected to do instead of flitting all over the country the taxpayers would get what they’re suppose to be paying for. I’d love to be his travel agent!

  • Well of course he has Pogie, gosh Wednesday night of this week he’ll be dining in Oklahoma City and being entertained by country western singer Vince Gill, my gosh, I’m sure ol’ Vince will have tremendous insight on making elections in Montana more efficient right? And all that traveling and the meeting on energy that ol’ BJ is pushing, gosh those are very pretinent to the office he holds too!

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