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The Hard-Hitting New Republic

Does anyone else have a vague memory of The New Republic being a credible, progressive magazine?

I don’t either, anymore.

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  • The New Republic seems to have died on the vine at some point. I stopped reading it and other periodicals that I subscribed to for decades, and then maybe ten years ago I resubscribed to TNR and others. Once I started receiving the magazines again, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It struck me at the time that TNR had become a subset or subsidiary of Commentary magazine, which had become bad enough in its own right.

    Life is not all about politics and/or entertainment, but the two seem to be married now, or at the very least partying together all the time. TNR is only one of many publications that lost their bearings trying to comprehend a fading market. Newspapers and magazines (I don’t own a television) are on the ropes. New Media are in infancy, but something will come of it all. I think they call it “birthing,” which tends to recycle “dying.”

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