Dennis Rehberg: Candidate of Substance


It’s hard to say what stinks more about the Montana Republican Party’s attacks against Bill Kennedy–the whiff of desperation emanating from a party that has been battered so badly the past four years that they are already going negative against a potential opponent for their four term Congressman, or the spectacle of Republicans trying to “be cool” and use the Internet to campaign.

This is what has become of the Montana Republican Party, under Erik Iverson’s attempt to re-fashion the image of a Party increasingly out of touch with voters. On one hand, you have ham-handed, juvenile attacks, and on the other people who still use the word “socialism” in a non-ironic fashion, because they fear the Commie menace.

Here’s a thought. Shouldn’t someone in his fourth term have a record of achievement to run on instead of hiding behind painfully unfunny attacks on his opponent?

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