Branding Helena, Part Two

I need to get an imaginary job, like being a person who helps cities brand themselves. I mean, it can’t be hard.  Somehow, Helena should brand itself as “The West’s Learning Center for the Arts.”

If that won’t pack the tourists in, then what will? If only a brochure touting that incredible option had been available for my family when I was child, we clearly would have spent every summer in Helena.


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  • Wow — that is a weird slogan. Here’s an equally great idea:

    “Helena: Yesterday’s Future. Today.”

    “Helena: The promise of a community realized.”

    “Helena: Embracing ourselves, together.”

    Must have been one of the big name Democratic consultants who did this job.

  • Pogie, we talked about this ’round the water cooler this morning. The question was, if not an art center, then what? Outdoor? Most Rocky mountain towns market themselves that way. Cowboy throwback to old west days? Maybe, but seems pretty cheesy.

    I am not sure that this is the right answer, but I really am not sure what it.

  • My theory is that as we’ve become more of a service economy, we’ve come to believe that marketing matters more than reality. When I travel, I go back to places that proved they were worth visiting, and told friends about it.

    I don’t think labeling Helena is the answer; making it a more attractive place for tourists and people who live here is.

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