Newsflash: GOP Candidate for Governor Has Raised ZERO Out of State Funds

Seriously, Erik Iverson is supposed to revitalize the Montana Republican Party? With garbage like this?:

"The governor has spent the last three years courting wealthy Democrat elites from all around the country," said Erik Iverson, chairman of the state Republican Party. "We’ve got a governor who puts self-promotion and campaign fundraising ahead of doing what’s right for Montana."

Well, at least we know that the Republican candidates aren’t putting fund raising first, since they still don’t have one. Maybe instead of analyzing the Governor’s fundraising (which is PAC-free, by the way) the Republicans should grab a candidate or two.

Is Pat Davison available still?

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  • Maybe Mike Lange could run for gov too! Kind of an all purpose candidate! That way, if erik ever DOES find some money, it could all go to Mike.

  • Seriously, Erik Iverson is supposed to revitalize the Montana Republican Party?

    No, I don’t think he seriously was, I don’t even think that he was supposed to be able to stop the hemorrhaging,

  • Iverson is putting himself in position to run for something himself. He’s building his own name ID and getting around to the GOP faithful in Montana so when he jumps in he won’t be an unknown quantity. In the mean time, he’s taking care of his boss, Dennis the Menace and the GOP is about to see a re-enactment of the Burns campaign in 06′. It’ll be ALL about Denny, just like it was ALL about Conrad, and to hell with the party, the legislature, the grass roots and guess who wins in that scenerio! THE DEMOCRATS…………..DUHHHHHHH!

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