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The Montana GOP and the Truth: Irreconcilable?

Good to see that the Hardliner is back in action, with a fresh press release from the Montana GOP. What’s unfortunate is that the content is about as honest as the presentation.

Straight from the Astroturf:

"Kennedy launched a rambling, baseless attack against Montana’s Congressman Denny Rehberg on SCHIP – the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which Congressman Rehberg has consistently supported for years. Contrary to Mr. Kennedy’s claims, Rehberg never ‘voted against SCHIP’ nor did he call SCHIP ‘extremist political ideology’.

So he was for it before he was against it before he was for it. Flip. Flop.

As for never calling it extremist? Well, that’s another lie. Straight from Dennis:

Montana kids deserve to have their healthcare needs addressed. However, the House Democrat bill has made the welfare of our children a political issue based on a narrow, extremist political ideology. I’m hopeful that the Senate will move forward its common sense proposal, that the House Republican plan will be given a full hearing, and that we can hold further discussions on what’s best for kids before the final piece of legislation is sent to the President.

Rehberg can pretend that he never opposed SCHIP expansion all he wants, but it’s simply not true. He did vote against the bill, and he did call it extremist.  What I’m still waiting for is an explanation about why the Senate bill is not extremist.  When you use loaded, pejorative language, you’re stuck with it, Dennis.

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  • I ran into Rehberg in Butte last Saturday. He told me opposes the Democrat House SCHIP bill because it spends too much money, has health care for illegal aliens and provides health care for single “children” up to age 25. Seems pretty reasonable to oppose this massive entitlement expansion when we are light years away from balancing the budget.
    And yes, I am aware the George Bush and the Republican majority are the ones who reversed the effort to balanced the budget.

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