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Brad Johnson: Another Day Off?

It seems like Brad Johnson considers his position a part time one, as he is apparently not at work today. This, two days after a state holiday and a little more than a week after a weeklong vacation. For once, maybe Mr. Johnson was right:

Informed voting means taking the time to study the issues, and learn about the people who are seeking public office. Online schedules are an excellent opportunity for voters to stay informed, giving them more information about the people they may vote to re-elect.

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  • How would you like to be the poor soul on his staff that has to puff up the schedule everyday to make him ‘look’ busy. But you know I’ll bet you anything they’re working night and day to get that Elections Deputy in place. Let’s get practical here, if you were Eric Iverson wouldn’t you be helping ol’ BJ get this thing on track? Maybe Iverson’s even smart enough to step around that steamin’ dawg turd!

  • so, do you also track when Brian is out of the office, what about Linda, John M, Mike M, Jon, and Max?

    Or are you just one sided and full of crap?

  • Don’t know about all of them but Brian sends out his schedules to a mass e-mail list on a regular basis, I know because I get it, it’s a bit vague but none the less it is public, don’t know about Max but Tester’s schedule is there everyday.

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