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Brad Johnson: Does He Ever Do Anything Right?

Say you were going to make a big splash with an op-ed written by your non-partisan Communications Director about your decision to post your schedule online. It seems like you might have a little checklist in mind.

  1. Write said non-partisan editorial, presumably during office hours, because this is public service, not politicking. —Check
  2. Find complaisant media source to run largely meaningless, self-serving editorial puff piece.—Check
  3. Make sure that the schedule is actually updated when the editorial runs. —Doh!

It’s kind of sad, actually. Watching Brad play politics is kind of like watching that poor kid that the Little League coach would always put in right field. It’s kind of nice to see the little guy out there playing, but everyone is terrified that the ball will come anywhere near him.

Nice work, Brad. Your dedication to unparalleled political ineptitude is bright light to Republicans everywhere.

Note: In case they get their act together and actually post a schedule, as of 1:04 a.m. on Monday morning, the last schedule posted was for Thursday, October 4.

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  • They finally got the schedule updated. Right at noon, here is Brad’s schedule for the past several days:

    October 5 Schedule
    8:30 AM: Meeting with Jim Kerins
    11:45 AM: Interview, KTVH
    2:00 PM: Interview, KTVH
    3:00 PM Meeting, Bowen Greenwood

    October 6 Schedule
    3:00 PM: Drive Helena to Cut Bank
    6:00 PM: National Rifle Association
    8:00 PM: Drive Cut Bank to Helena

    October 7 Schedule
    No public events – Sunday

    October 8 Schedule
    No public events – Columbus Day

    But what about the Oct. 9-15th? And where are the all-important “meeting to prevent Montana voter fraud;” “meeting to ensure business registration services are convenient and cost-effective;” and “meeting to prepare for and actually understand the agenda of the next land board meeting?”
    I mean, really. Whatever the guy gets paid, it’s too much if this is his schedule. Brad, you are supposed to be doing something that resembles work.
    Pogie, you need to run for SOS.

  • I’m not sure I could handle the workload. I mean, two interviews with the same KTVH station and a meeting with my Communications Director in the same day?!?!

    Wow…that must be exhausting.

  • The KTVH interview never happened, they interviewed Janice Doggett instead…..hmmm, Brad was no doubt too busy, fundraising, according to todays IR that looks fairly impressive, guess that must be what the 3pm meeting with Jeff Gerrard is about today, he’s the fundraising guy on the state paid staff.

  • Todays a real barn burner too, looks like MR. Secretary has a full day of doing what he’s been doing for the past 3 years……NOTHING! Maybe he’ll use today to get going on finding a Chief Elections Deputy, for the $65K it pays, and an Exempt position to boot, you’d think he’d have at least 1 “friend” out there who’d want to jump on the bandwagon. Kind of sad really when you can’t even buy supporters!

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