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Attacking the Dead: Conservative Support for the Troops


Barely a week after the death of Montana soldier Yance Gray, Dave
is attacking him,
suggesting that he was neither intelligent
enough to have written an editorial expressing discontent about the
war nor able to escape the clutches of liberal propagandists:

Pardon my skepticism, and certainly no disrespect for
the dead Montana soldier, but in my time in the Army I never heard
such a word as “recalcitrant” escape the lips of any
Staff Sergeant. I doubt if it’s spoken all that much in
Ismay, either. The soldiers had the help and probably the
encouragement of a writer with an agenda, from a newspaper which
has always had one. Its continually declining circulation now
mainly consists of those who want desperately to consider
themselves sophisticated as well as compassionate, even if that
means always branding the U.S. as the chief villain on the world
stage—-in fact, especially if it does.

I await the inevitable onslaught from outraged liberals. (Is there
any other kind?)

You know why we’re outraged, Dave? Because you cynical, short
sighted bastards who drummed up support for this failed war that
has killed almost 4,000 outstanding American men and women use them
for politics when it suits you and attack them when it doesn’t.
Your smug condescension while a family grieves is no different than
John Boehner suggesting that American casualties are a “small price
to pay.”

I know you and your ilk will never apologize, take responsibility
or admit that this war was wrong. At the least, you can apologize
for your comments about this young man who died serving his

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