What’s Wrong With Corporations

On the flip side of the lack of local responsiveness in unions is the lack of local responsiveness in corporations, which is all the more pathetic because corporations actually try. 

 Today in Safway I heard a radio ad for Safeway's "local" cherries.  It encouraged me to show my Washington pride and ended reminding me that Safeway not only sells local produce, they promote it. 

 To understand why this happened, you have to realize that Montana is in the "Seattle District" of Safeway corporation.  So we listen to the same ads they do in Seattle.  But the irony was painful when this centralization so effectively thwarted the feigned support of local products.  If Safeway was actually managed locally and had local responsiveness, they would be advertising cherries from Kalispell, not Yakima.  It's like selling Yankees tickets in Boston because the two are in the same general area: in demonstrates an extreme lack of local understanding. 

 To top it all off, I'm fairly certain that this 'emphasis' on'promoting' local goods means that if the Helena Safeway wanted to promote Flathead cherries, they would be in violation of corporate rules.  For that matter, I don't think there is anyway to stop recieving the awkward ad about our 'local' Washington cherries. 

 (And yes, I know that Montana cherries and Washington cherries are on different schedules.  But I've worked through cherry season and there's been no mention of Montana cherries.  Moreover, if there was, they woudl be being advertised in Yakima as 'local' cherries, with the same absurdity.) 

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