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Just Let Me Watch The Sporting Event, Please


I am prepared to admit that I am becoming
a curmudgeon, but when I watch a sporting event on television, is
it too much to let me just watch the game? I’m watching the
All-Star game right now, where Ichiro just hit the first inside the
park homerun in All-Star game history (really cool) off Chris Young
(not so cool). Should be a really interesting moment, right?

It would be, if the idiots at Fox hadn’t taken all of the
excitement out of the moment by spending the preceding minutes with
their cameras trained on some idiot announcer’s dog swimming in
McCovey Cove. The thing about sports is that they are interesting
on their own, and don’t require distractions from the event.
Whether it’s some sideline reporter interviewing some washed up
celebrity on the sidelines or absurd “interest” pieces, I don’t
need them, and don’t want them.

Don’t even get me started on ESPN. Watching SportsCenter is 40
minutes of pain for every 10 minutes of sports information. Maybe
it’s time for one of the hundreds of channels coming into my house
to be devoted to actual sports. Just the games.

Curmudgeon off.

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