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Here’s looking at you, 2007 Legislators!


Okay, so polls are fairly meaningless but I'll admit, the results of the latest Lee efforts to take the pulse of Montanans leave me dumbfounded.

With some of the more vocal Republicans crying over the poor performance of the good Governor, there seems to be several majorities that agreed with his general budget blueprint.  I would assumed that  all of the fuss from Republicans meant that Democrats and the Governor would be punished for giving money for education and prisons and the like (although I would argue that in many cases, good programs weren't funded that should have been).  Sure, nobody seems happy with the 2007 Montana Legislative Session but there is general content about the budget results.

What can this mean for next year's legislative races?   These kegislative races are local and these polls don't mean much district by district, but it certainly makes this campaign more interesting.  I know I am already in arguments with people I love and respect over the people considering runs  in my local districts.  Let the games begin!


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