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Montana GOP? Classy!


I don't know Lt. Governor John Bohlinger other than a couple of very brief introductions, but his reputation as a legislator was very positive.  I know a lot of Democrats and Republicans that thought very highly of him before he became the Lt. Governor.

What has happened since Bohlinger joined the Schweitzer?  The cold shoulder.  Despite the fake bipartisanship rhetoric, there has been nothing but awful hostility towards him from the Montana Republican Party.  Mind you, I don't expect much from one of the most immature state party in the nation, but I guess I would at least the outward decency.

The latest?  It appears that the GOP doesn't want Bohlinger at their dinner at the state GOP convention this weekend.

What does this prove for the Montana GOP?  For most, it simply proves that the Montana GOP is the immature group of grade-school bullies they appeared to be at this year's Legislature.  Enjoy your dinner! 

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