$4 gasoline? GIve me a SUV!


It took me almost $50 to full up my gas tank last week.  Prices for fuel are high enough that it made more financial sense to fly to lovely Portland, Oregon this month and rent a car while I am here to visit friends and family and do a little volunteer work than to drive the entire way.

My wife has always applauded higher gas prices as she feels that it will bring change faster on our habits as a society.  While I have always thought that made sense, it appears that American consumers disagree.  Despite the gas prices and buzz around fuel-smart cars, American buyers are going with their preference, the SUV .  

Perhaps the think that concerns me the most is the fact that less competitive sales for hybrid and other such cars means that we are still some time away from reasonably-priced versions of those models.  As much as I support the technology, I just can't drop that much money on a car.

While it seems to be that we are reaching a much broader consciousness about environmental issues as a culture, we just aren't there yet on transportation. 

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