Michael Moore Helps Critic; Compassionate Conservatives Respond

As it turns out, some people dislike Michael Moore. Most of them live normal lives, occasionally criticizing Moore's films, but going on with the day to day to day business of their lives. Not Jim Kenefick, though. Jim is obsessed with Michael Moore, operating a site called Moorewatch, where he promises to be "Watching Michael Moore's every move." Creepy, sure, and perhaps not the most productive of vocations, but a hobby that seems to fill his days.

Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Kenefick's vocation doesn't exactly pay the bills. This champion of American free market capitalism, hasn't been working hard enough to pay for his own insurance , because as we all know, it's only lazy people who can't afford insurance in America. Given his unwillingness to work hard enough, Mr. Kenefick relied on a classic version of Randian independent thinking: he begged for help on his blog, no doubt that his conservative audience, believers in private charity, would step forward to help him in his time of need, to keep the crusade against Michael Moore alive, not to mention to fix his Xbox, which is no doubt a critical tool in his wife's health care.  So which of his thousands of readers stepped forward to help Mr. Kenefick?

Michael Moore

That's right, Michael anonymously sent Mr.Kenefick a check for $12,000, to cover the first year of insurance premiums. It wasn't Michelle Malkin, or his conservative readers, but someone that Kenefick has spent years personally attacking in the most vile and personal way.  So how did Mr. Kenefick and his readership respond? Just as you would expect–with vitriol and more personal attacks. As loathe as I am to give links to the site, given that Mr. Kenefick has to beg for money to keep it running, the comments are certainly worth reading.

Mr Kenefick:

Oh my.  “Doesn’t sound especially grateful?” A few years ago, Moore threatened to sue me.  Add to that the fact that $12,000 is equal to his ding-dong budget for the week.  Or what it costs to make one of those suits for award shows.  Add to this growing list the fact that it was never altruism and every human being alive who knows anything about Moore knows that.  He paid $12,000 so he could manufacture a “gotcha” moment in his film.  Sounds pretty cheap to me.

What am I supposed to be grateful for?  The chance to look like an ass?  The chance to be in his movie?  For him throwing me pocket change in order to try to humiliate me later?  That’s why he did it.  Period.

Or perhaps he wanted to help your wife, who clearly has suffered enough in her life without the burden of being ill and unable to pay for her care.

His "Readers ":

Honestly – If I had known the Fat-Ass, Baseball Capped Crusader was the one that sent the check, I would have been tempted to give you the money myself. Then you could have sent the check back to him tell him to take his false charity and and stick it!!

Yes, you certainly would have. I imagine you've boldly posted promises to sign up to serve in Iraq, as well, sir.

The consuming hated demonstrated by the far right in this country is a topic I've written about before and will certainly come back to, but this might be hard to top. It's hard to imagine being so consumed with hatred for someone you've never met that you would be willing to insult him weeks after finding out he has given you resources to help your family, especially when the people you call friends are unwilling to do the same.

Since Mr Kenefick was so unwilling to do it appropriately, I'll do what my grandmother had to do a few times for me–when I was four.

Thanks, Michael. 



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