Honoring the Dead in Iraq Means Bringing the Soldiers Home


Another senseless death in Iraq, and Josh Marshall writes a powerful response :

You remember that famous passage in Henry V: Act IV, scene one where
Bates tells the disguised King Henry that if the King's "cause be
wrong, our obedience to the King wipes the crime of it out of us."
There's a shameless game of moral chicken that war supporters play
in which they dare opponents to say the war is a mistake because, they
claim, saying so would then dishonor all the men and women who've
already died in its cause. So to spare the dead that ignominy, kill
many more of our children. All to avoid swallowing that bitter pill.
But I think there's a converse to Bates' argument that I agree with,
though I disagree with his claim about the moral reckoning. And that is
that the service and the sacrifice wash the death clean of the folly of
the leaders who ordered them into the battle.
And of course this drama gets played out … what, two, three times
a day? Often more. Each time no less shattering for the family

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