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Rudy Giuliani: Man of the People


So it's not news when Rudy Giuliani blows off an Iowa couple because they don't make enough money, but the cost of  John Edwards's house is?



Deborah VonSprecken said Giuliani's campaign backed out of the event at her home after deciding she and her husband did not fill the bill for the candidate's talk about the so-called "death tax."

"They checked our assets, and since we're not considered millionaires, they canceled," she said.

Maybe the reason they had to cancel is because the "farms lost to the estate tax" story is just another right wing lie, designed to cover their obsessive desire to widen the gap between the rich and poor in this country.

Or it could be with the VonSprecken's prize bull dropping prodigous piles of fragrance, Rudy didn't want the competition.

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