Why is Don Imus a Racist? Ask Black People. It’s Their Fault.

Talk about Hardball.

Craig Crawford, an MSNBC analyst who has by his own admission been on the Don Imus radio show over 70 times was interviewed today by David Gregory, an MSNBC reporter who, when not dancing with Karl Rove, has been on Imus's show more often than even Crawford, all on a network that hosts Imus's show. Typical media self-congratulatory nonsense, all in the name of promotion, right? No trouble having the host of the show defending his friend under the guise of interviews, right? Nothing that we haven't come to expect from the media.

Sure, until Craig Crawford, actually blamed black people for Imus's remarks. According to Crawford, what needs to happen is a dialogue between the black community and white community about "gangsta rap." The reason that Imus used the language he did is because the hip hop culture promotes offensive terminology, and Imus, clearly a follower of black culture, was just swept up in it.

So, why does Don Imus make racist remarks?

Simple. The Three 6 Mafia.

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