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I'm a  long way from having any serious thoughts about which Democratic candidate I want to support in 2008, but the more the front runner act like Barack Obama did yesterday, the less likely it is that I want to support any of them. According to USA Today, the Senator from Illinois isn't willing to stand up to the President on the war at all. In fact, he's already signaled that he will cave before the President has had a chance to veto the supplemental:

If President Bush vetoes an Iraq war spending bill as promised, Congress quickly will provide the money without the withdrawal timeline the White House objects to because no lawmaker "wants to play chicken with our troops," Sen. Barack Obama said Sunday.
"My expectation is that we will continue to try to ratchet up the pressure on the president to change course," the Democratic presidential candidate said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I don't think that we will see a majority of the Senate vote to cut off funding at this stage."

Insane. If we've learned anything that past few years, it's that "The Decider" doesn't much care about pressure, or politics, or policy. Obama's statement is a clear admission that he will, as the Democrats have done over and over, simply cave before the threat of the White House's crude and illogical rhetoric. 

This is a historically weak President, supporting and unpopular and profoundly wrong policy. If this isn't the moment to stand up, when is?

H/T: Kos  

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