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Dennis Rehberg Votes Against the Troops–Again


Remember step three of the Dennis Rehberg action plan for Iraq, to vote against the interests of the American military? well, he's back at it again.  On  a party line vote, Rehberg voted to support stripping a portion of the Iraq Supplemental  bill that would ensure that all the troops sent to Iraq were properly equipped and trained. That's right, Representative Rehberg thinks that ensuring that our troops have been trained and given adequate equipment is an unnecessary restriction on the President. From the Speaker's blog:

Ranking Member Jerry Lewis (R-CA) offered an amendment during the committee markup which would have stripped language from the Iraq supplemental restricting the use of troops who are not properly equipped or trained, with the only exception being when President Bush is willing to publicly certify it is necessary…

 Given the recent report at Salon about the military forcing wounded troops to go back to Iraq and Representative Rehberg's promises to support our soliders, this is an unexcusable vote. If he had the capacity, he should be ashamed of himself.

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