The Continuing Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government

Recently, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to an array of terrorist attacks over the past 15 years, including the September 11th attacks.  Interestingly enough, the only major U.S. news story I could find questioning this confession merely went over whether or not he masterminded all of the crimes he confessed to.  Nowhere does the media question the validity of this confession, considering it was obtain after four years of "interrogation."  Also, the major news sources seem to have forgotten that Osama bin Laden was the original mastermind of the attacks–you know, the one we spent billions of dollars and many lives trying to capture.

 The most sickening part about this is the way that the CIA went about "questioning" Sheikh Mohammed.  Because of Bush's recent approval of torture and removal of due process for non-citizens being held by the government, I assumed that torture would be used to extract a confession, meaning it should automatically be considered invalid.  What I didn't bargain on was that our government would kidnap Sheikh Mohammed's 7- and 9-year old sons to use against him.  The CIA is quoted in the article as saying, "His sons are important to him. The promise of their release and their return to Pakistan may be the psychological lever we need to break him."

I'm not sure which is more frightening: that our government would kidnap children (and hold them for four years) to extract a false confession from an al-Qaeda member, or that no one in the nation seems to care.  Where is the outrage about this?  Why is no one demanding an explanation rather than tacitly accepting this so obviously fabricated confession?  The fact that no news sources are calling the government on this severely undermines and concept of the United States as a democracy.  When our government willingly tortures people and kidnaps their children for use as "psychological leverage," while hypocritically claiming to wage a "War on Terror," something is deeply, deeply wrong.

 The best part about all of this?   The fact that they are getting away with shifting the blame from bin Laden to Sheikh Mohammed, just as they did when Bush wanted to start a war against Iraq for no apparent reason.  Sheikh Mohammed was not the mastermind of 9/11, and the American public needs to hold the government accountable for its immoral, despicable actions.  

Nietzsche said, "The one who is punished is no longer the one who did the deed.  He is always the scapegoat."  Sadly, it looks as though he's right. 

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