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House Republicans? Unbelievable!

Wow.  This is rich.

I'll admit I am a little tired of the media simply repeating the Republican talking points about "well…well…  it is the Democrats refusing to discuss the budget" when reporting about the Republican decision to wait until well into the session to change the rules completely.

Today's threat deals with the muli-billion dollar social service budget.  When Democrats, rightly disgusted with the Republican's political budget games, were joined by a few stray Republicans to vote the social service budget bill down, Republicans came back with an interesting threat:

Rep. Bill Glaser, R-Huntley, briefly brought an amendment to strip DPPHS funding altogether from $3 billion to about $300. He said it was meant to "force Democrats to be functional."
He withdrew the amendment as plans developed to bring it back Friday. It strips funding for a myriad of programs _ from Medicaid to Meals on Wheels.
"We are all going to support it," House Majority Leader Michael Lange, R-Billings, said of his caucus.
He says it is just "procedural" to move the budget along. Many Republicans hope the Senate will restore the funding.

So, Republicans change the rules in a most immature and political way and somehow Democrats are blamed for not wanting to play into their system?  And the answer is to threated to cut Meals on Wheels?  $300???!??

Nice work, Republicans!  You are making 2008 easier by the minute.

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